Be honest.

Have you ever faced the kind of stress you are experiencing right now before in your lifetime?


It's likely worse for your patients and practice members. They don't know what you know about the body's ability to adapt and heal.


RESILIENCE has been defined as the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, adversity, trauma or challenge


Now more than ever people need your wisdom and experience to recover, adapt and grow.


Dr Monique Andrews & Dr Tamara MacIntyre have put together a simple, effective method for Cultivating Resilience in your patients and your


  • Sample patient ed handout

  •  Resource library including:

  • Recording of class (60 day access)

  • A Customizable 'Patient Education Handout'

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Why is learning to CULTIVATE RESILIENCE important ?

We are experiencing the greatest period of stress that any of us have ever endured AND it has the possibility of leaving a lasting imprint on our lives.



Mental health statistics show that the number of people experiencing anxiety and depression has increased across all age groups by almost 50% in the last year.



The most startling statistic is that suicide is now the second leading cause of death in both the 18-24 and 25-49 age groups.



This is unfathomable.


As a chiropractor you are uniquely positioned to make a difference.

When chiropractic happens in the container of a safe and skilled therapeutic relationship, the body & the nervous system have the opportunity to move out of these survival responses & into safety and connection.

The science now shows that Chiropractic

improves RESILIENCE !



We'll explain the research and show you how to

measure it!

Our autonomic nervous system in response to stress creates emotional, behavioral, physiological responses.


These responses can be regulated with appropriate somatic strategies that you can teach your patients.

What can you expect from this course?

We'll teach you the science & application to the level that you will feel competent and confident helping your patients develop and maintain more resilience.


We'll break down the most recent research that shows how working with a chiropractor will increase their ability to cope with stress and improve their mental health.


We'll also translate what it all means and give you the key points to use when educating your patients.


Finally we'll walk you through the ideal approach, expectation of healing and the best strategies to approach management by improve your care, conversion and retention.

The Prana Foundation courses are a beautifully crafted

blend of science and clinical artistry with practitioner ease

at the core of all that we do.

Some of you may be thinking:

I don't have the TIME or MONEY for a program like this

We thought about that!

That's why we’ve priced this WORKSHOP so that it’s affordable for every chiropractor.


We’ve also structured it so it’s

not a time sink.



filled with usable & clinically applicable strategies for all chirorpactors!

  • Sample patient ed handout

  •  Resource library including:

  • Recording of class (60 day access)

  • A Customizable 'Patient Education Handout'

ADD Applied Polyvagal Course now and SAVE $200


Register now for ONLY $297

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“It's Like Donny Epstein

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