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What can you expect from this course?

We'll teach you the theory and principles to the level that you will feel confident in your knowledge and competent in your application.

Our autonomic nervous system is hierarchically arranged with three subsystems that have particular influences on us physically and psychologically depending on how safe (or not) we feel.


Polyvagal Theory gives us a neurophysiological framework to consider the reasons why people act in the ways they do.


Through a polyvagal lens, we understand that actions are automatic and adaptive, generated by the autonomic nervous system well below the level of conscious awareness. This is not the brain making a cognitive choice. 


These are autonomic energies moving in patterns of protection. As a practitioner with this level of awareness, the door opens to compassion, discovery and growth.


This radically evolves the quality of care you can provide and the level of trust you'll engender.

We believe that the foundation of health is feeling safe in your body. Even if you never used a single exercise with your patients and only used the knowledge and practice for yourself it will radically change how you navigate your own personal health practice.

We'll walk you through the assessment, exercises and their application STEP by STEP.

The state of our nervous system determines the story that’s playing out in our minds and the physiology in our bodies at any given point . We are living in unprecedented times. The narrative that's playing out in most people's minds and bodies is one of fear and threat.  


How then can we tap into people's nervous systems to further assist them in the healing and prepare them for the powerful influence that we as chiropractors can offer?


We have seen the impact of employing the principles of polyvagal as a manual neuroscience in our practice and the results are incredible. 


Through a series of strategies including breathwork, exercises and self care you can offer your patients the tools necessary to alter the tone of the nervous system. 


Combined with your chiropractic care, the experience your patients will have in your office will be unparalleled. 


Some of you may be thinking: 

I don't have the TIME or MONEY for a program like this

We thought about that!


  • Sample Programs & Resources

  • Resource library including: 

  • All exercises (pdf) 

What others are saying about learning about applying polyvagal in practice with Dr. Mo and Dr. Mac...

"I really loved the balance of the neurology and practical application/


"Thank you both for such an amazing presentation this weekend. I am very excited about the easy takeaways and have used them in my practice today!"

“I really got a new sense of how polyvagal awareness, theory & integration is such a natural blend with what we do in practice."

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