"The only place I have to ask clinical questions is a Facebook group."

   "I guess I will just have to figure this out on my own...hopefully this works."

What I hear over and over again is that doctors are struggling to find support and MENTORSHIP that they trust or you choose a practice environment where you thought you would get some...& well...that didn't happen.

IMAGINE TAPPING INTO  YEARS WORTH OF WISDOM & EXPERTISE  to help review your cases with you, provide you with resources and choices of strategies and care plans whenever you want or need them.



"You bring an openness, acceptance & honesty to oneself, one's process, a responsibility to self-standards, all without judgment & furthermore, with acceptance, support and encouragement." 

- Dr. Rebecca Wilder



"I love how Dr.Mac teaches, she talks from us human to human. She also allows questions when they come up to be answered in a very honored way. Knowledge is power and using it is very empowering for clinical cases and approaching patients. Less is more. - Anonymous



"Dr. Mac delivers the information in a way that is comprehensible and applicable. She explains why she does what she does, and what she is looking for. She puts the missing puzzle pieces in place so we can see the whole picture. That is what is truly missing from our education and critical thinking concepts. She explains things in a way that just makes you want more and more." 

– Angelica Wroblewski



"Dr. Mac has a wealth of knowledge with a natural talent for teaching. It is evident that she has been well trained and is looking to paying forward for the profession."

– Anonymous



"Dr. MacIntyre has an incredible ability to present invaluable clinical information while also being able to translate it across skill sets and clinical experience. You get to come and be received exactly as you are, and are given permission, knowledge, and a safe place to expand—as you are. "

– Dr. Abby Petkov



"Dr. MacIntyre is the rarest of gems in our profession. Not only does she know the neurology and anatomy of the human body, she also knows how to blend these so perfectly with tonal work and philosophy to create a whole clinician, and she does all of this with her whole heart, to simply give 

back to our profession.” 

- Dr. Kristan Cassady



"I've been reminded of the power 

of the chiropractic adjustment. The magnificence of chiropractic care occurs not in the adjustment but in the presence of your assessment/analysis. Dr. MacIntyre demonstrates a 

masterful approach to health & the human body; not letting her preconceptions determine a path for the being on the table, rather letting that being determine the path for themselves through their individual expression. She recognizes this by being present with the person. Nothing is overlooked, 

Everything is integrated in her approach. Her willingness to 

Putting her love and awareness into words is one the biggest blessings I've had in my 

chiropractic studies.” 

- Dr. Joe Thompson



"You are inspired by your depth of knowledge, expertise, and level of compassion with which you 

would consider every detail of your patient's comfort and experience. You summoned forth the 

doctors within us and challenged us to be those people NOW, to show up NOW, to act as if and 

truly understand the importance and gravity of what we are doing here for and with people. 

 You invited us to grow up from fledgling academics to full-blown clinicians, and 

We whole heartedly trusted you and dove in. It was refreshing." 

- Dr. MG

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